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New Blog: SOUTHERN Africa Road Blog 09.09.2019
Tourists In the Way 08.03.2017
Voodoo Country 04.03.2017
Why (White) Travellers Stick Together 26.02.2017
Gold Digging in the Wild West 15.02.2017
Africa’s Cheapest Safari 12.02.2017
Sailing the Volta Lake in 30 Hours 04.02.2017
Funeral of a Queen Mother 31.01.2017
I’m Taking a Vacation 19.01.2017
Send More Money, Please 14.01.2017
My African Christmas 08.01.2017
Real Life SimCity 27.12.2016
Malaria! 20.12.2016
The Last Train in West Africa 17.12.2016
Keeping Score 13.12.2016
A Royal Audience 07.12.2016
Animal Sacrifices, Millet Beer and the Dogons 02.12.2016
Dangerous Mali… Or is It... 27.11.2016
Travelling to a Warzone 25.11.2016
Lies, Forgery and Other Ways to Apply for Visas 18.11.2016
Hitching a Ride – with a Plane 11.11.2016
Driving through the Jungle Night with no Lights On 08.11.2016
Spending a Night in the Jungle 30.10.2016
Finding a Ride 24.10.2016
Maps Lie! 20.10.2016
White Man Money 17.10.2016
The Adventure of Getting from A to B 05.10.2016
Climbing the Highest Mountain in West Africa 01.10.2016
Do I Want to go Home? 25.09.2016
Expatriate Life 23.09.2016
How to Deal with Bribery Attempts 20.09.2016
Should I stay or should I go? 29.08.2016
A Surprising Land of Waterfalls and Natural Wonders 25.08.2016
“Want a Ride for the Next 10 Days?” 19.08.2016
Travelling with a Friend vs. Travelling Solo 15.08.2016
23 Hours Delay and a Missed Boat 09.08.2016
Travelling in the Rainy Season 04.08.2016
Animist Africa 21.07.2016
Sex Tourism and The Gambia 14.07.2016
Mishaps on the Gambian River 10.07.2016
Is Traditional Africa Real? 07.07.2016
Village Jumping in the Mangrove Forests 30.06.2016
Back to Colonial Africa 23.06.2016
When Travellers Lie 18.06.2016
The Case Against Flying 09.06.2016
In a Volcano's Shadow 04.06.2016
When Travel doesn’t Go According to Plan 02.06.2016
In the Footsteps of Caravans 30.05.2016
Cities of the Sahara 25.05.2016
Africa’s Wildest Train Ride 15.05.2016
Amateur-Hour at the National Park 12.05.2016
Crossing Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland 10.05.2016
The Last Colony – Travelling West Sahara 08.05.2016
What do Travellers do all Day? 30.04.2016
Stupid, but Lucky – Part Four: How Not to get Kidnapped 25.04.2016
Stupid, but Lucky – Part Three: Stop Watching the News 18.04.2016
Stupid, but Lucky – Part Two: Romantic Explorations 13.04.2016
Stupid, but Lucky – Part One: Questioning My Sanity 12.04.2016
Preparing for a Year of Travelling 07.04.2016
Paying for a Trip to the Prison Shower 30.03.2016
Back to School 24.03.2016
The Pros of Celebrating Birthdays Abroad 20.03.2016
Hashish Mountains of Morocco 15.03.2016
The Surprising Lack of Expectations 10.03.2016
Stop at this Road Blog 04.03.2016